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Man (click here) made disasters Man made disasters Out out of all the big disasters and they predict the next big thing will be in 2012.Be it global natural disaster or a mass invasion.Or could be we take (more pandora charms here) technology to far and destory ourselves with what we make to be able to our lives. Every one says that somthing may happ 2012 bec in the astic or maja i for get, but it siad that the earth already die 5 times and that every 3000 years it happens and it hits in 2012 as you may no there calanders are more corr than any other calander on earth just look it up and you will encounter Bluthunder86 composed at 2007 09 09 03:29:08 It with placing any event on a date is that its never possitive.No one can tell one's destiny not even supper advanced beings.Thats why many things are said may occur on that day, but there's no possitives.If you look up info on the stock market thru out the web it states this fact.As for for 2012's history in my studies available that the past eras as the mayans say end in change.So if the culture is advance enough mentally it can change for the better.The reality is that the end or end of the calendar only means i new beginning will arise.Now just think on this'' dont you beleave its about time for humans to evolve one stage further.Just read and search the net the more you inform you and your family the more you will beleave. Grid union has written at 2008 05 Alphabet Beads Pandora 14 12:51:23 You should rethink your on 2012.QuIte regardless 2012 is everything.It is quIte popular date in peoples minds, posItive, because Its the spreading of our collective alert cognItive state, buyers, people keep hearing It the particular time is drawing near and people know Its coming.Tell the mayans and the hopi and numerous other ancient civilizations that nothing is going to happen.Even if It isn't this climactic global shift in intelligence or whatever, you can a mountain of occurances slated for 2012.SwItch as nasa, they'll tell you all about Cheap Pandora earth and the sun being lined up perfectly wIth the supermassive black hole in the heart of our galaxy that the mayans referred to as"Black parents"Well.And i thought mankind only just as recently as the 90's prooved arsenic intoxication black holes beyond a shadow of a doubt, but the mayans seemed to know this 3000 common.So i think the mayan prophecies may have some credibleness.Something is going on in 2012, you may want to read the intentions of"It"Who told you nothing is going on.


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